Combine Tracks

There are several brands of widely used aftermarket combine tracks for Case, John Deere, and New Holland harvesters.  The manufacturers with the best reputation are Camso(formerly Camoplast) and Soucy.  These brands are most common and see thousands of hours of use in the field by customers all over the world.  These systems typically require an axle spacer of 12″, for clearance, which can be purchased from Case, New Holland, and John Deere dealers.  Often these advanced systems can be installed within 2-10 hours depending on the model and other variables.

Below is information for the most common new models available, and I often have used sets for sale…





  • Camso CTS

  • Available for John Deere, Case, and New Holland combines

  • Available with or without suspension

  • Installs within a few hours

  • Typically reduces speeds to 13 mph but a speed multiplier is available for speeds up to 23 mph

  • Brochure

  • Installation Manual





  • Soucy ST-1000

  • Longest footprint

  • Most Flotation

  • Call for info (574)870-4437






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