Midrollers, Idler Wheels & Drive Wheels

midrollers, idler wheels, drive wheels

Heavy Duty polyurethane or rubber compound midrollers for Deere, Case, Cat, and Agco equipment.

We have the highest quality wheels available anywhere, and we specialize in reducing midroller failures due to heat.  If you experience wheel failures, ask about our heat reducing kit for Deere, Cat, and Agco tractors.  Most wheels are available at all times, just email or call for pricing and availability. Your new wheels can be shipped out quickly and I’ll help arrange return freight for your core returns.

We have received many calls over the years from frustrated farmers who are tired of replacing expensive seals on the Case Quadtrac and Rowtrac tractors.  We have perfected a method of using a common and inexpensive SKF oil bath truck seal on these STX and Rowtrac midroller and idler axles.  Our kit allows you to use the older or newer midrollers and idlers on both versions of the spindles.  Easy to install and fixes the failing seal problem for good.

In addition to these custom parts we offer most seals and bearing for all track tractors so you can buy all you need from one place.  New to 2020 are STX 2-piece midrollers which allow you to unbolt the rubber while leaving the hub in place.


Nick Harker (574)870-4437 – Email: trackandpower@gmail.com